Vietnam Edible Bird’s Nest: Find worldwide buyers

Product Category: Health Food

Vietnam Edible Bird’s Nest: Find worldwide buyers

Supplier, Exporter of edible Bird’s Nest from Viet Nam looking for International buyer, Importer

We are the Supplier, Exporter from Viet Nam. We need to find the quality buyer for selling Bird’s Nest from Viet Nam

Product name: Vietnam Edible Bird Nest

Supply capacity: large quantity, depends on the season, please contact for updated information

Packaging: 100 gram / plastic box, 200 gram / plastic box, 500 gram / plastic box, etc. at importer’s requirement

Specifications Supplier, Exporter’s Sussgest: our product lines include Bird Nest with hair Grade 1 from healthy young birds, Bird Nest with hair Grade 2 from medium birds; Bird Nest without hair from healthy young birds, Bird Nest without hair Grade 2 from medium birds

Standard: we guarantee highest quality certified by lab test results

Port of Loading: Ho Chi Minh city port

Delivery term: FOB (preferred), CIF, others

Method of Payment: LC for the first shipment, TT can be considered later on

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 ton, negotiable for the first time shipment

Wanted buyers: from all countries. If you are interested in our products, please send an inquiry detailing your needs regarding your desired price, packaging, quantity, trade term and other special requirements (of any).


About us 

We are the fourth generation dealing in the bird nest business in import – export. Experienced in taking care of flocks of birds, collecting and processing their nests, we guarantee our products are reliable, nutritious and go beyond your expectation in terms of long term health maintenance and recovery. The nests are clean while the precious ingredients are preserved intact.

About the product bird’s nest Vietnam

Although Vietnam is not the only source of this product type – in fact, the sources in some neighboring countries are much more abundant and so cheaper, Vietnam bird nests’ quality are unparalleled. This is because the food sources for the birds in Vietnam are diverse, which then makes up the valuable amino acids, minerals and vitamins in the nests (the birds use their solidified saliva to make their nests). Moreover, the perfectly fit climate in Central Vietnam also contributes to the formation of these compounds, making Bird Nest Vietnam super food.

3 thoughts on “Vietnam Edible Bird’s Nest: Find worldwide buyers

  1. Laurence Lee says:

    Dear Mr Tien Ho,
    Great day to you.
    What is the minimum quantity required for each purchase of the Edible Birdnest?
    Actually, I am interested to venture into this particular business with the plan to import
    into Malaysia and as well Hong Kong. Would be most grateful if you could provide catalogues with
    quoted price for each of the white Unprocessed (Original with feathers intact) and Processed (Cleaned with feathers removed) Cave and Cultured Birdnest. At the same time, please quote
    FOB and CIF price for both destinations. Expecting a friendly price from you to enable me to
    enjoy a sustainable business growth and foster a long-term business relationship.
    Your kind attention and prompt response on this matter will be much appreciated.
    Thanks and have a good day to you.

    Best regards,
    Laurence Lee

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